Funky & Generacion 12 at DAR Constitution Hall

Funky & Generacion 12 Tickets

DAR Constitution Hall | Washington, District Of Columbia

Funky & Generacion 12

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 18th, because Funky and Generación 12 will grace the DAR Constitution Hall with enlightening songs of worship! Sponsoring the event, Remolino Entertainment welcomes fans and followers to the LARGEST music venue in Washington, DC, for the once-in-a-bluemoon LIVE collaboration. The 3,700-capacity hall offers superb sightlines to its storied stage, not to mention first-class seats, acoustics, and ambiance. Our first featured act, Funky, is a two-time Latin Grammy nominee who holds ten AMCL Awards for his prowess in reggaeton and Christian hip-hop. His decades-spanning discography showcases smash hits such as "Eres Mi Bendicion" and "Empezar De Nuevo." Meanwhile, Generación 12 is a musical worship group composed of multi-awarded musicians, composers, and youth leaders led by CEO Lorena Castellanos. With nearly 1.3 million monthly Spotify listeners, they inspire Christians worldwide through exquisitely divine tracks, including "Dios Incomparable" and "Quiero Conocer A Jesús." Claim your seats now!

Sponsored by Remolino Entertainment, this concert production invites everyone to experience the sound of Christian Music's forerunners from Latin America! Funky and Generación 12 join forces in a once-in-a-lifetime event to bring about a musical hurricane toward the DAR Constitution Hall on November 18! This exhibition will serve as the former's exclamation point to his collaborative string of shows, previously accompanied by fellow Latin Grammy nominee Alex Zurdo. It also marks a rare US outing for both acts, so seize this opportunity to see them LIVE

Luis Raul "Funky" Marrero is a two-time Latin Grammy-nominated rapper-composer globally known for his work in hip-hop, reggaeton, and Christian urban music. He founded the record label "Funkytown," where he produced and collaborated with some of his genre's hottest trailblazers, such as Vico C, Marcos Witt, Julissa, and Jesus Adrian Romero. He also boasts a whopping 10 AMCL Awards, which includes an Urban Album of the Year win for his debut, "Funkytown." Over 1.5 million listeners listen to his exquisite collection of Spotify hits: "A Pesar de Mí," "Eres Mi Bendicion," and "Empezar De Nuevo," to name a few.

Generación 12, on the other hand, is a self-described "ministry of praise and worship that exists to connect each person to God's heart." The group consists of the following multi-awarded and equally devoted artists, worship leaders, musicians, and composers.

Lorena Castellanos (also CEO)
Johan Manjarres
Sofia Mancipe
Estefania Espinosa
Fernando Ramos
Anthony Catacoli
Paola Sanchez
Mardonio Cordoba
Leonardo Cabrera
Jose Luis Uriza
Ivan Contreras

Together, the Generación 12 members introduced uplifting songs of devotion to their fellow Christians, which include hits such as "Dios Incomparable," "Quiero Conocer A Jesús," and "Tu Amor No Tiene Fin." Generación also attracts 1.3 million monthly Spotify visitors, with over a hundred million accumulated listens on the platform.

Washington, DC's largest concert venue, the DAR Constitution Hall, will host the double headlining acts this coming November 18. Marked for a thunderous Saturday night, the neoclassical hall will give crowds one hell of a view of its historic stage, an experience made even better thanks to high-end seats and pure acoustic clarity. So go on, grab your friends, and get your tickets for the Funky & Generación 12 LIVE music event!

Funky & Generacion 12 at DAR Constitution Hall

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