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DAR Constitution Hall | Washington, District Of Columbia

Kevin Hart

This laugh riot is sure to bring you some top-tier material! Only Hollywood’s finest funnyman, Kevin Hart, can have you cackling like a hyena and he will do so this summer and fall with the Acting My Age Tour! Hart is surely to be in his element on this run as the prolific comedian serves an all new material and performs a rare tour that covers only intimate shows! You see, Kevin Hart is a connoisseur of the all-arena runs being America’s top comedian and all! But this run, he wants to go back to basics and perform in intimate venues, like the DAR Constitution Hall! On Sunday 15th September 2024, Kevin Hart will have the entire venue erupt in great laughter as he shares unprecedented jokes, his interesting stories, and out of this world anecdotes! Whether you find him relatable to his hilarious dilemmas or not, you’ll be chuckling non stop! If you’re up for some great comedy, there’s no better place to get it than Kevin Hart’s comedy rager at the DAR Constitution Hall! Hurry and secure your passes now!

For the first time in a long time, Kevin Hart is going on a series of small venue performances! With kid you not! Hollywood’s biggest comedian is serving up a storm of intimate shows. His usual arena setting is definitely going on a break this summer and fall as he visits over 20 major cities. When asked why he’s changing it up for 2024, Hart mentioned that he wants to go back to his early days when he can feel the energy of the crowd. It’s a fantastic trade off, being able to see how audiences react to his jokes and of course, do some unexpected interaction, as well as phenomenal crowd work.

You can expect no less from the veteran comedian who has been named one of the top comedians of all time by many prestigious organizations. On top of winning numerous awards for his many film and TV projects, Hart has been recorded as the number 1 top grossing stand-up comedian in 2023. Last year, plenty of big named comedians hit the road. But Hart’s Reality Check Tour had an incredible streak, earning over 60 Million Dollars in gross ticket sales. There is no mystery as to why Hart has hit number 1. For starters, he’s known for his great stories about family, being a father, an actor, and more. Seeing him perform stand-up is like getting a glimpse into his life, behind the scenes. His sharp wit observations and hilarious commentary are sure to bring some great laughs.

This year, Hart will not be in the race of being the top grossing comedian. Serving mid sized venues will not bring in the big bucks but this year is all about top-tier comedy. Hart is delivering never heard before jokes and fresh new jokes. And audiences should know that there is no way to see his material other than buying a ticket to his show. The Acting My Age Tour has a no-phone policy. This means smartphones will be secured and you can only use these in designated areas.

So go ahead and secure yourself some official access to Kevin Hart’s comedy bonanza! The non stop laughs you’ll be getting are sure to be worth it! Hurry and click that Get Tickets link now before it’s too late!

Kevin Hart at DAR Constitution Hall

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