Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at DAR Constitution Hall

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DAR Constitution Hall | Washington, District Of Columbia

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Washington D.C., are you ready for one of the biggest figures in Islamic music? You better be because Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has announced that his "The Legend of Khan's" tour is visiting DAR Constitution Hall on September 21st.

Known for his ability to perform emotional ballads mixed into Qawwali music, this event is a must-see. Decades of dedication to the Qawwali torch will light up the stage along with a horde of backing singers, live band-- all impressively fleshed out for a perfectly unforgettable experience.

Not only that, DAR Constitution Hall is the perfect venue for this classical event with its Neoclassical style structure and immersive seats to pull you in the beauty of Islamic music.

Don't forget to block in your Saturday night on September 21st and drive to DAR Constitution Hall. Get your tickets now to be part of the incredible "The Legend of Khan's!"

The king of Qawwali: Rahat Fatah Ali Khan steps foot in the U.S. and is ready to woo you with his ballads and Qawwali music that will make you tear up. This show which is part of his "The Legend of Khan's" Tour will be happening at the DAR Constitution Hall on September 21st!

Rahat Fatah Ali Khan may not be a household name but those who are fans of Qawwali music knows that he is one of the towering figures in Islamic music. His dedication to the Qawwali torch since he was 3 years old and his performance at 13 at his grandfather's devotional, it is no wonder that his voice gives everyone who hears it an unforgettable experience.

Brought to you by the leaders in entertainment: Blu Blood and JNR, the Blu Blood MD and CEO: Osman Osman and Shaaista Khan Osman described his show in an interview, "Each note resonated with passion and depth- every moment was a testament to his talent and artistry. The concert was a celebration of music in its purest form, and we are proud to have been able to give our loyal patrons another memorable Blu Blood experience."

If you're not convinced yet, his extensive discography and the soundtracks in endless number of films such as "Dead Man Walking" and "The Four Feathers" will be your guide. Not only that, his warm personality, charisma and wit is a huge plus as you will feel an immediate connection to the singer. Moreover, this gentleman will not be alone in the show. His concerts are known to be impressively fleshed out with hordes of backing singers and an expansive live band. Expect extensive instrumental breakdowns, dancing in the aisles during the show.

DAR Constitution Hall is the perfect choice for this event. Its Neoclassical style structure with Alabama limestone added to good sight distances from the stage will lure you in the Qawwali ballads easily.

The Legend of Khan's will definitely be legendary. If you're a fan of the Qawwali or you're just dipping your toes in the genre, this is the perfect concert for you. Don't miss out on this genuine phenomenon of a man and get your tickets now!

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at DAR Constitution Hall

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