Bishop T.D. Jakes at DAR Constitution Hall

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DAR Constitution Hall | Washington, D.C

Though a black charismatic figure with Pentecostal theology, Jakes has been admired by people of all colors and most denominations. Many have long regarded him as a pastor to pastors and as a true father to the fatherless. His insights, many borrowed from his own life of peaks and valleys, have stirred within most readers, listeners, and viewers of his ministry a strong desire to fulfill their destiny, believing that “all things are possible with God.” He is coming to the one and only DAR Constitution Hall on Saturday 11th April 2020, and you have an amazing opportunity to hear his words and feel his love.

Bishop T.D. Jakes at DAR Constitution Hall

When T.D. Jakes first stepped into the pulpit, he trembled with nervousness and anxiety. Speaking in front of crowds was initially quite difficult for him due to a pronounced speech impediment. But judging from the reaction of his congregations, Jakes’ preaching is very powerful, even “anointed,” some would say. Jakes himself deflected attention to his spiritual gifts and well-honed abilities, saying in Christianity Today, “When a person flows into God’s purpose and timing for his or her life, God can take a person with less ability and use his/her to extreme capacity, just because they are willing to be available.”

When asked how he would define the rapid growth of his ministry Jakes said, “My assignment is to open the door of the Church for hurting people and refocus what the Church was meant to be in our society. The Church has become stereotyped as a ’spiritual club’ for elitists and yuppies who portray themselves as persons who ’have arrived.’ I believe the Church was meant to be a hospital for hurting people.”

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