Capital Comedy Festival: Sommore, Lavell Crawford, Don D.C. Curry & Huggy Lowdown at DAR Constitution Hall

Capital Comedy Festival Tickets

DAR Constitution Hall | Washington, District Of Columbia

Capital Comedy Festival

The sensational Capitol Comedy Festival makes its grand return to Washington, D.C., and it’s set to make countless people laugh until their sides hurt! If you are familiar with this laugh riot, you know you have to score those tickets now because this hilarious spectacle is bound to make tickets move so fast that you might just miss it if you're not fast enough! If you need more information, well, we can say that the most hilarious stand-up comedians are set to headline this amazing event! A staple among comedy fans in D.C., the Capital Comedy Festival is a thrilling comedy series featuring the best performers in the circuit! This year’s spring edition brings unprecedented comics, Sommore, Lavelle Crawford, Don D.C. Curry, and Huggy Lowdown, to DAR Constitution Hall! On Saturday, 16th March 2024, the festival is guaranteed to make the whole theater erupt with bellowing laughter as these comedians perform their latest stand-up set! So sit back, relax, and laugh your worries away when you catch the Capital Comedy Festival at the DAR Consitution Hall on Saturday, 16th March 2024!

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Well, we can attest that entertainment enthusiasts in Washington D.C. are big fans of comedy! That’s why the beloved Capital Comedy Festival has been an ongoing spectacle. In fact, it's a fixture in D.C.’s live entertainment circuit! This spring’s edition includes the most hilarious comics, such as Sommore Lavell Crawford, Don D.C. Curry, and Huggy Lowdown! That’s right, the show has four performers for one night, so you better prepare yourself for one of the most amazing laugh riots of the season!

Don’t be fooled by her fierce demeanor and top-tier taste in fashion. Sommore has excellent energy and fantastic humor and she’s about to get the audience to fall off their chair from laughter. Hailed as the “Diva of Contemporary Comedy,” Sommore finds great things to laugh about on various topics like sex, money, race, and equality. The woman demonstrates impressive improv skills. Meanwhile, her wit and sarcasm are a surefire hit. She’s a veteran comic, so expect this queen to perform with impeccable timing and amazing confidence.

Grammy-nominated comic Lavell Crawford has been a favorite of the Capital Comedy Festival. The highly acclaimed actor and stand-up comic has made waves in TV series like Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, The Ridiculous, and more. Aside from his outstanding acting work, Crawford also happens to be a sensational stand-up comedian. His 2021 special, Comedy Vaccine, received a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album. Today, he’s traveling across the U.S. to deliver his outstanding stand-up set.

Suave and good-looking, Don D.C. Curry also happens to possess great humor. Yes, this man has it all, and he’s even more sensational when he’s live and on stage! Expect hilarious anecdotes and side-splitting punchlines as Curry delivers his latest bits at the Capital Comedy Festival!

Lastly, improves sensation. Huggy Lowdown will turn the night upside down with his outrageous bits. The unprecedented radio personality and stand-up comic is the perfect addition for such a momentous evening of comedy! So be sure not to miss this one!

Enjoy great laughter when you catch the Capital Comedy Festival at DAR Constitution Hall! Score tickets now and see Sommore, Lavell Crawford, Don D.C. Curry, and Huggy Lowdown on Saturday 16th March 2024!

Capital Comedy Festival at DAR Constitution Hall

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