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DAR Constitution Hall | Washington, District Of Columbia

Distant Worlds

Gamers, it’s time to put down your consoles for a moment - the Final Fantasy series is coming to life! Video game enthusiasts are in for a treat as Distant Worlds: The Music From Final Fantasy will play at the DAR Constitution Hall on Saturday, March 2, 2024! Audiences will never forget this must-see and must-hear live musical performance as Grammy-winning conductor Arnie Roth leads the commissioned Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra in an evening filled with music from Square Enix’s beloved franchise. Presented by AWR Music Productions LLC, the special multimedia event will showcase the ever-growing repertoire of classic Final Fantasy music that spans the entire history of the game series. Featuring the legendary game composer Nobuo Uematsu along with other prominent artists who have contributed to the iconic soundtrack of the popular saga! Fill out your party and collect your tickets as early as possible before the best seats disappear!

Watch Distant Worlds live at the DAR Constitution Hall on Saturday, 2nd March 2024! In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Final Fantasy, AWR Music Productions, LLC proudly presents the official symphony concert world-tour, “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy.”

Boasting high-definition presentations of video game footage directly from Square Enix designers, the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will be conducted by Grammy Award winner Arnie Roth as part of this special curation by Nobuo Uematsu.

Since its debut in 1987, Final Fantasy is a video game series that has attracted gamers worldwide. Developed by Square Enix, the franchise is renowned for its engaging characters, rich, imaginative landscapes, and unique storytelling. With its legendary music and tactical turn-based combat, Final Fantasy has redefined the role-playing genre and has made its mark in gaming history.

Beginning a worldwide adventure, the concert made its debut in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007. In addition to their current world tour, Distant Worlds has received praise for their four excellent CD releases along with their three enthralling live concert DVD/Blu-ray releases.

Take a trip down memory lane as the first six Final Fantasy medleys will be performed while graphics from the original game appear, creating a nostalgic and retro atmosphere. By the second act, The Maida Vale Singers will lead the crowd through themes from Final Fantasy 7 - 15, where the progression is more pronounced, with more recognizable musical pieces for newer audiences.

While video games often emphasize battle music, the concert succeeds in challenging this notion through dedicating time to its more sentimental pieces like Final Fantasy X’s “To Zanarkand,” which was "a beautiful blend of instruments that came together so harmoniously with every swell in the music," The Asia Pacific Arts shares. The review also highlights how the choir had its moments by taking center stage with a vocal-only performance, singing “Hymn of the Fayth.” Likewise, Final Fantasy XIV’s "Heavensward," was a solo number that featured a soloist's vibrant vocals that set the symphony into the zone of grand and uplifting music.

The DAR Consitution Hall is the largest esteemed concert hall situated near the White House in Washington, D.C. On top of hosting annual conventions, congresses and other private events, the venue is the perfect setting for live orchestral performances like Distant Worlds. See the video game come to life, and purchase your tickets now!

Distant Worlds at DAR Constitution Hall

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