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DAR Constitution Hall | Washington, District Of Columbia

That Girl Lay Lay

It’s not every day that you can say a hip-hop concert is for the entire family. That Girl Lay Lay, though, may just be the act that you can say that about and have it be true. If you’re a parent, your kids may be the ones to push to head to her show at the DAR Constitution Hall in DC on Tuesday, 2nd July 2024. This event is part of her “Growing Pains Tour.” The tour is probably going to be a turning point in her career when she breaks out of the Nickelodeon character a bit and comes into her own persona on stage.

That’s actually evident in her new single “Fill in the Blank.” Even the colors on the album cover ditch the typical Barbie-looking pink from her character on the show to a harder black and gray background. Expect a little bit of the best of both world’s early Miley Cyrus experience to be on display. Click that get tickets button because seats are going to fill up quickly at the DAR Constitutional Hall for this teen sensation!

Lay Lay’s parents started filming her rapping from a very young age. In these early videos, you could tell this wasn’t just a cute kid; she had real talent. It wasn’t long before people discovered this, and she was cast in the second Lego movie, playing various voices. That was the next sign that she was the real deal. In that movie, she collaborated on a song with T-Pain. Every step of the way, she’s proven her worth. Parents who are taking their kids to this show, yes, you’re going to have to sit through “Go Lay Lay Go.” They’ve edited that song a bit, though, because she doesn’t have that little girl voice anymore. Expect a teen version of the track on that night in DC.

There are likely going to be a lot of kids singing along and doing some yelling here and there. It’s a cozy venue, so you’re going to get a chance to see them getting rowdy. It’s going to be really cool to see, though, this transformation that she’s going through in her teen years. Lay Lay is 17 now, and some of these kid songs from her albums like “Recess is Over” could be making some of their final appearances in her concerts. Again, a lot of these were recorded four years ago or more. Her voice at 13 is not her voice today.

When she starts rapping for real with her new single, the vibe of the entire place may shift. You’re going to be looking at your kids at that point like this: what's up! Mind you, by this point, she’ll probably have performed the Go Lay Lay theme song! It’s going to be an interesting night for both kids and parents to enjoy. Her setlist on the night can create all sorts of changes within the crowd. The DAR Constitutional Hall is a compact historic venue where you can see the stage perfectly from any seat in the house. If you’re a bit of a Grinch and do want to sit next to too many hyped kids, make sure to get seats on the upper deck. The atmosphere there is probably going to be “lighter” for parents. As mentioned, you’ll still see the show just fine. Get your tickets quickly, though, this girl Lay Lay could be selling out the DAR Constitutional Hall on July 2nd.

That Girl Lay Lay at DAR Constitution Hall

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