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DAR Constitution Hall | Washington, District Of Columbia

Trevor Noah

Following a successful extensive world tour over the last year, the renowned comic is taking his record-breaking live trek for another run! Trevor Noah is heading back to the road, announcing new dates with his OFF THE RECORD TOUR. Following his final appearance on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show", he's giving his fans across the world a taste of his live shows. Back as a full-time stand-up comedian, he's jumping head-on with the opportunity to travel and spread laughter across the world. With a series of new tour dates up and about, the Coming 2 America star is hitting the stage at DAR Constitution Hall on Wednesday, April 24th of the upcoming new year. Welcoming a new year of shows, opportunities, and growth, Noah has a bunch of international appearances lined up after a stint of North American bonus live shows. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Following his departure from Comedy Central's "The Daily Show", the globally acclaimed comic Trevor Noah is taking his hilarious and charming wit to the live stage. Following a successful 2022 run of his groundbreaking "OFF THE RECORD TOUR", the man's set to extend its poppin' live shows throughout 2023 and 2024. Noah dropped his newest Netflix Special, "I Wish You Would," last November 2022, sharing hilarious revelations about speaking German, communication, curry, and other personal tales.

With stand-up as his "first love", Trevor Noah is taking the time to travel, explore, and learn new things while staging his own record-breaking stand-up trek. He might be on his own now, but his heart for laughs remains the same. "People are my passion and what I like is understanding other human beings and learning their perspectives," he shared in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Indeed. Every show, stint, and special that the man drops, he's always offering new insights, perspectives, and love for anything under the sun - with a hilarious twist! He's always exhibited passion, garnering the support of every audience, especially during his "The Daily Show" run. Beyond mere laughter, Trevor makes use of his platform to raise awareness and support for various advocacies. He's engaged in active discussions and initiatives in relation to education, racial injustice, poverty, healthcare, and many more.

Breaking through as a globally acclaimed comic for his hilarious bits and relevant conversations, Trevor Noah is definitely a comedy star to watch out for. "When all the mountains and the valleys wash away, when everything else in my career is gone, the last thing I wish to be doing on this planet is standup comedy," he shared with The Hollywood Reporter.

The man's got a big heart! With the massive support of his global audiences, he's bringing it on. Now that he's on his own, Noah is bound to achieve greater (and more hilarious) things on the road. After seven years of sparking joy and inspiring audiences on The Daily Show, his heart remains the same. Laughter's the best medicine, after all. Noah's brand of comedy will continue to heal souls.

As the man takes his OFF THE RECORD TOUR to new heights, make sure to mark your spots for a night of laughs with the one and only Trevor Noah. Book your tickets now!

Trevor Noah at DAR Constitution Hall

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