Trevor Noah at DAR Constitution Hall

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DAR Constitution Hall | Washington, District Of Columbia

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is on a roll! After waves of success and acclaim across the world over the past year, the iconic comic is taking his OFF THE RECORD TOUR for another run! Plotting a series of shows slated for 2024, the former Daily Show host is kickin' off a trek where he owns his game. Following the man's last appearance on his globally-loved Comedy Central TV program, he's giving his fans a taste of his stand-up shenanigans live on stage! You'll get to hear his hilarious and relevant takes on politics alongside comedy-gold spiels of anything under the sun. This is your chance to catch him live at DAR Constitution Hall on Friday, April 26. Back as a full-time comedian, he's making the most out of what he's got, and he's tagging you along! As his massively successful global trek heads back to North America, make sure to mark your spots at the show by booking those tickets now!

As Trevor Noah bids farewell to his longtime running stint at Comedy Central's "The Daily Show", he's showing the world what he's got. Back as a full-time comedian, he's taking the time to travel the world and spread as much joy and laughter as he can. Becoming a globally-renowned host and comic for his Daily Show antics, the man is well-known for his hilarious and hot takes on politics, news, and socially relevant conversations. Over the past year, he embarked on a massive 2023 OFF THE RECORD TOUR, and fans around the globe went crazy! Now, he's bringing the tour back on the road for 2024.

Recently, Noah dropped his newest Netflix special "I Wish You Would", sharing hilarious tales of speaking German, loving curry and touching on other delectable delights. The man's just sharing what he loves! Speaking of love... Trevor credits stand-up as his "first love", being the main reason why he's jet-set on traveling the world and sharing his hilarious talent along the way. Having wrapped up the first phase of his OFF THE RECORD TOUR, he's fueled by a passion to connect and understand different people and places.

"People are my passion and what I like is understanding other human beings and learning their perspectives," he shared in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Trevor Noah is well-known for his passion for politics and relevant social topics in The Daily Show. He's always used his platform to speak up and raise awareness on advocacies he stands firm in. He's covered topics on education, healthcare, poverty, and racial injustice. Now that he's on his own, he's taking full control of sharing what he believes needs to be shared. Of course, he also shares a bit of randomness along the way...

"When all the mountains and the valleys wash away, when everything else in my career is gone, the last thing I wish to be doing on this planet is standup comedy," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

With years of joy and laughter shared on The Daily Show, he remains dedicated to inspiring and uplifting his audiences. With "I Wish You Would", he takes a break from the super-serious conversations and takes a more lighthearted approach with the tales he shares. "It’s me having an opportunity to break out of that world, out of politics," he shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "I think we forget that we’re also having human experiences. In my comedy, especially in this period of time, I want to share with an audience the idea that we can have more grace for each other."

Definitely. We're all here for each other. As the man makes his big return to the stage, don't miss out on this chance to catch his live stand-up shows by booking those tickets now!

Trevor Noah at DAR Constitution Hall

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